When VicForms is updated on the 29th of March, there will be a few changes that your agency may want to be familiar with so things go smoothly on day 1.

This week we’ll be releasing a series of articles explaining what’s going to be different so you can prepare for the change and be ready to use VicForms to the fullest.

If you’d like to hear and see the changes explained, there are still seats available for this week’s free Webinars on Monday and Wednesday.

From 29 March, your agency will be able to:

  • Let signees digitally ‘sign’ a contract with a single click using Hutly One Touch on select Residential forms, including 2-factor authentication to verify their identity.
  • Automatically send utility connection referrals to your chosen partner (e.g., MovingHub, Direct Connect or Compare & Connect).
  • Edit and resend One Touch contracts that have gone out with typos/wrong information without incurring additional envelope fees

On the same day, VicForms will also move to a monthly subscription model, meaning agencies can easily plan their monthly spend.