Until now, your agency was charged on invoice, meaning your admin team had to manually process the payments and you never really knew how much you might be paying each month.

With the new subscription plans, you can better manage your spend by selecting a plan that best matches your forms usage.

The higher tiers offer agencies increased value for money, in some cases taking the per form cost to under $2.00 for any form!

Choosing your subscription

When you go to create a form in Vicforms for the first time after the 29th of March, you will be prompted to select a plan based on your expected usage.

Once you've chosen a plan that makes sense to your agency, you'll be asked to provide your ABN (for tax purposes) and your credit card details — all major cards are accepted.

Using forms on a subscription

After the payment has been processed, you'll be able to create a form as normal.

Every time you create a new form, the finalised form will count towards your monthly inclusions.

If you go over the monthly volume limit, . Your card will be automatically charged at the end of the month, and an invoice/receipt will be sent to your agency for their records — meaning no extra work for you and your accounts team!

Changing/cancelling plans

To change tiers or cancel your plan, contact support@reiv.zendesk.com.