Manager: "Where's that Residential Rental Agreement you created for Jane up to?"

You: "I'll just log in to VicForms and check."

Manager: "Why do you have to log in? Why don't you know this already?"

You: "I don't get notifications — but Jane does."

If the last four lines gave you cold sweats, you can rest easy.

From today, you can put yourself down for automated progress notifications for every form or authority you send using Hutly One Touch™.

All we need is your name, email address and mobile number, and you'll receive an email every time a signee signs the document and when the agreement or authority is fully executed.

Now you can know as much as the agent who's signing the contract without lifting a finger.

No sweat!

PS. Thank you for patiently waiting for this feature to be released! Hopefully it makes the work day a bit less stressful :)


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