If you've ever sent out a document for signing, only to realise it's either gone to the wrong person or had some incorrect information in it, this new VicForms functionality will make you smile.

You can now easily recall and correct agreements if you've found typos or the contract details have changed based on conversations with the signees.

The best thing is it's super fast to use and resending doesn't count towards your monthly volume.

Editing a document you've already finalised

From the document in question, click Edit in the actions menu

Next, use the box that appears to let the signees know what's changed and why, then confirm the edit.

Your signees will receive an email saying the document is being edited and to look out for the new one.

Finalising and re-sending for signing

Once your document is opened, make the necessary changes and when you're confident everything is ready to go, select finalise.

At the top of the now re-finalised agreement, click send for signing and you can resend the document.

It may sound like a simple thing — and it is! But it's the sort of simple thing that can save you time and stress and maintain a professional appearance for your agency with signees — even when mistakes are made.

We hope you find this feature valuable!