Adding fields to a document for signing

When you send a VicForms contract or authority, it's quite common to include supporting documents you need to have viewed or signed.

To date, we've shown signees the other documents uploaded by agencies — they then have to scroll through the documents before accepting and signing. When the signees do that, we record that they read and acknowledged the other documents.

While that satisfied most scenarios, many agencies still wanted to see a signature on their important documents — like the Section 32.

Agencies using the One Touch™ digital sending option can now enable signing on their attachments. This allows you to add names, signature blocks and dates to your PDFs, and then have them sent out for signing. The final documents will then come back to you with a digital signature.

The best part is, this simplified signing process comes at no additional charge to you as a VicForms subscriber!

Image showing different methods of using Hutly One Touch™ in VicForms
The process for using One Touch™ in VicForms

The only time One Touch™ will cost anything more than your plan is when you choose a non-VicForms document directly from the One Touch™ interface in VicForms.