Starting 29 March, Hutly One Touch™ will be the new, faster, more secure way to have your Vicforms agreements digitally signed.

The start to finish process of sending and signing your agreements with Hutly One Touch™ is designed to be as streamlined and hassle-free as possible.  To achieve this, One Touch uses many new features to provide users with a complete and real-time overview of the signing process.

In short, this means more security, and less admin work!

Here's a summary of the main differences you can expect:

The on-screen experience for you

To send an agreement, click Send for signing in the page header.

On the next screen, you'll be asked to enter the name, email and mobile number of the signees. Hutly One Touch™ requires the mobile number of signees so they can verify their identity before accessing and signing the contract.

The One Touch™ sending page

Docusign Experience

The current DocuSign experience

With One Touch

The One Touch™ experience

Things to remember

  • From the 29th of March, DocuSign will no longer be an option for sending from within VicForms. Instead all forms will use Hutly One Touch™.
  • For contracts sent out before 29 March 2021, you will need to log in to your DocuSign portal to see the statuses.
  • For those sent out on 29 March 2021 or after, you will see a Hutly One Touch™ sending status.
  • If you still wish to send a form via DocuSign, you can download it and then send via the DocuSign portal.