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VicForms is used by Victoria's best-in-class real estate agencies to get compliant commercial and residential real estate authorities and contracts executed faster and with less noise.

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Plans to suit any agency size

Looking for something smaller?
A Basic plan is available for $19.95 per month which includes 2 VicForms contracts per month, overages at $7.50 per contract and Hutly One Touch™ digital signing at $4.50 per envelope.

Detailed payment terms can be found here

About VicForms

VicForms is the Real Estate Institute of Victoria’s real estate contract platform — now powered by Hutly digital contract technologies.

VicForms gives you the most up-to-date real estate agreements for residential and commercial selling and leasing in Victoria.

A platform designed to grow with your agency, VicForms takes a modern approach to forms, letting your users create their agreements in a familiar web-form format instead of typing into a PDF. When the agreement is ready for sending, Hutly’s integrated One Touch™ digital signing technology makes sending a simple matter of hitting ‘Send’.

VicForms makes agencies more efficient and dramatically improves the customer experience for their buyers, sellers, owners and renters.

VicForms is always evolving

The best experience for your agency’s clients, the best result for your agency

Built on industry best practice, VicForms is designed to let your agency capitalise on a booming market and ride out a tough one — lockdown or no lockdown.

It allows you to simplify day-to-day operations and bring consistency to the customer experience, adding more digital smarts around the contract activities your agency performs every day.

Reduce signing time

Signees are verified by matching email and mobile numbers, meaning everyone can sign with the click of a button — no more signatures.

All your documents signed in one place
Just released!

Send any agency document for signing as part of the VicForms flow or as a replacement for other digital signing solutions.

Compliance built-in

Save time and money and rely on VicForms' always up-to-date forms, reviewed for compliance by a panel of independent law firms and guaranteed by the REIV.

Scale up & evolve without sacrificing simplicity

VicForms is being consistently enhanced with time-saving improvements, making it easier for your agency to keep up with the times.

Forms Included in a VicForms plan

Up-to-date forms for residential and commercial agencies handling leasing, management & sales contracts & authorities in Victoria.

Hutly One Touch™

• Residential Rental Agreement (135)
• General Letting and Managing Authority: Residential Property (004)
• Exclusive Letting and Managing Authority: Residential Property (005A)

• Contract of Sale of Real Estate (118)
• General Sale Authority (001)
• Exclusive Sale Authority (002)
• Exclusive Sale Authority: Off the plan properties (002A)

• Exclusive Auction Authority (003)

Hutly One Touch™
- General Letting and Managing Authority: Commercial/Retail/Industrial Property (004A)
- Exclusive Commercial Leasing Authority (005B)
- Exclusive Commercial Property Management Authority (005C)
- Exclusive Authority for the Purchase of RE and/or Business (006A)
- Commercial Lease Schedule (144)
- Guarantee and Indemnity (142)
- Renewal of Lease (150)
- Combined Commercial Contracts (143, 144, 144A)
- Commercial Lease (143)
- Commercial Lease Special Conditions Schedule (144A)

- Exclusive Authority: Sale of business (009)

General Service Authority (012)

A limited range of printed forms are available for purchase by REIV Members. Access to a range of complimentary forms for Members will also continue.
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Change for good

VicForms continues to evolve

2021 has been a huge year for VicForms.

Since launching the new VicForms in late March, we have:

  • Added One Touch™ digital signing to 10 REIV forms
  • Updated 4 forms to keep subscriber agencies compliant (135 x 3, 004, 005A, 118 )
  • Delivered a range of new features like easy attachments, additional parties,  automated progress notifications, streamlined property views and document creation workflows for One Touch™ users
  • Improved system availability and stability with over 99.9% uptime
  • Sent over 30,000 forms using One Touch™
  • Helped over 600 property management operations forward their utility referrals automatically
New technology for extra security

To increase peace of mind for agencies, we've introduced Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) to forms. Whenever you send a Hutly-powered contract for signing, the signee/s won't be able to sign unless they can access the email account and mobile phone number you have on file.

Mobile-friendly signing

We've streamlined signing to be more personal and also more time-friendly. At all times your signees can see where they're up to — wherever they are!

Predictable & reasonable costs at a time where nothing is certain

We’ve worked to make VicForms affordable for agencies of all sizes and stages. Change to suit your agency’s needs without having to commit for years.


See the changes for yourself

Learn more about what's coming with one of our free webinars, where we'll cover off the changes and how to make the most of the new and improved VicForms experience.

We're here to help

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